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A Woman Discovered Blind Twin Kittens That Act As Each Other’s Tour Across The World

When a kind woman from Sydney, Australia discovered two baby cats walking around her property, she noticed they were entirely bonded.

They were both emaciated, and as she began to feed them, she realized there was something unique about these twin boys.

Credit: Welovecatsandkittens

She did what any kind person would do and took both of the three-week-old kittens to the veterinarian to be examined up. Stevie and Isaac are the names she chose for them.

It came out that they were both born with a disease that caused their eyelashes to bend inwards and brush against their pupils, forcing them to rub against one other.

Credit: Welovecatsandkittens

Despite their medical conditions, both cats were pleasant and active throughout their visit to the veterinarian. Unfortunately, they had to undergo medical treatment to remove the blind eyes since they were at risk of being infected.

Isaac’s eyelid was also rebuilt by the vet, which will assist safeguard his one healthy eye.

Credit: Welovecatsandkittens

It was obvious that they were in good hands since both of them recovered quickly from their surgeries.

They were up and playing again in less than 24 hours.

Credit: Welovecatsandkittens

Stevie, who is completely blind, enlists the help of his brother Isaac to navigate the world. If he feels disoriented, he calls out to his sibling, who is always close by. He is always available to console him.
After a year, the twins have both adjusted into their new home and are adored by their family.

Credit: Welovecatsandkittens

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