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Meet Bone Bone, Thailand’s Giant Fluffy Cat Who Everyone Wants To Take A Picture With

Have you ever seen a fluffy cat like this? He doesn’t even appear to be human! He is, after all, really real! And he’s well-known!

Meet Thailand’s Bone Bone the cat.

Credit: @bonebone29

Bone Bone Cat gained a famous since he appears to have been Photoshopped owing to his massive quantities of fluffy hair!

Bone Bone Cat is not only adorably adorable, but he’s also a Thai celebrity!

On Instagram alone, Bone Bone Cat has over half a million followers!

Credit: @bonebone29

He enjoys meeting and greeting his devoted admirers, as well as playing and climbing trees.

Credit: @bonebone29

He’s also known for having a good time while wearing his little yellow spiky backpack.

Credit: @bonebone29

Bone Bone is a cross between a Persian cat and a kitty. They have a reputation for being one of the fluffiest cat breeds.

Credit: @bonebone29

Bone Bone the cat has the appearance of a longhair cat, but he also has the powerful, independent personality that is generally associated with huge cat breeds.

Bone Bone the Cat, shockingly, does not love being stroked too much, much to the dismay of his devotees.

Credit: @bonebone29

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