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One Year After Adopting a Tiny Sick Kitten, the Change is Incredible

They said this kitten wouldn’t make it, but one woman recognized the fight in him and saved him from death, giving him the second opportunity he so well earned.

Brownie has arrived!

He was born with only two toes on his right paw and was in a bad state.

He was the tiniest of the kittens in the shelter and was quite fragile due to a lack of sufficient nutrition.

However, Brownie’s new mother, Justina, was certain that he would survive the trauma.

She had no intention of abandoning him; she fed him and offered all of the care, love, and attention he required.

“He is very affectionate and knows his name; he has a dog-like demeanor and will follow you around the house no matter where you go!” He is a people person! He is my most devoted friend. He’ll even give you a kiss!”

No one thought this kitten would live a year later, but Justina didn’t give up on him since she knew he only needed a second chance, and today he’s thriving with love and blossoming into a fluffy!

He began to acquire weight, and as he grew older, he became larger and fluffier. Brownie has undergone a remarkable metamorphosis.

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