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Three Abandoned Kittens Are Discovered In A Box On The Street By A Woman

I’ve never understood why people would leave innocent animals; they usually claim to have good reasons (which I always suspect), but everyone can see that this is not the way to go.

At the very least, owing to this group of determined individuals, there is hope for Damascus’ abandoned animals.

Listen to the touching story of three abandoned kittens by scrolling down.


Tamara Safaya stumbled spotted three abandoned kittens in a cardboard box while traveling through the war-torn neighborhoods of Damascus, Syria.

Most of the individuals who live there would not consider saving unwanted animals, which is reasonable given the problems they face on a daily basis.

Tamara, fortunately for these three small kittens, is part of a temporary group of animal lovers who have created an association to aid and rehome abandoned and unwanted animals during this period of turbulence.


“We are a team of people from Damascus City who are engaged in the field of rescuing, feeding, and healing every animal in need,” Tamara says. We don’t have a facility or a shelter because we lack sufficient funds.”

“We’re having trouble obtaining a government license for our organization since the government is always preoccupied with other matters.” Our long-term goal is to construct an animal refuge in Damascus.”


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