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Because Their Cat Has Too Much ‘Attitude,’ A Family Asks The Shelter To Put Him Down

Meet Odin, a stunning Ragdoll cat who was on the verge of being put down due to an unfortunate label.

His prior family took him to a shelter when he was just over a year old because they didn’t like his attitude and thought he was too lively.

Credit: Odin

Odin had clearly been neglected by the time he arrived at the shelter.

One of his eyes had become infected to the point that the entire eye had to be removed.

Credit: Odin

Although he had a difficult childhood, this kitten approached life with vigor and excitement.

Thankfully, Alaina, a lady, spotted this kitten with one eye and fell in love right away.

Credit: Odin

Odin fit in in with his new family, despite what his prior family had said about him.

He now enjoys sitting at the window and watching the world go by. He’s a spunky, large baby who’s overjoyed to be with a new family that adores him.

Credit: Odin

It’s hard to think that this adorable kitten was nearly put to sleep due to his excessive energy and playfulness.

He’s now surrounded by the greatest individuals who adore him for who he is. Congratulations, Odin!

Credit: Odin

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