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Every Time Her Owner Leaves For Work, Her Cat Makes The Saddest Face

Waking up in the morning and leaving the house to go to work is stressful enough for most people, but for this woman, it’s made even more difficult by her sad-eyed cat.

Jes Klass, a Reddit member, owns a cat named Ghost. Ghost gives Jess an extremely adorable, sad-looking expression every time she leaves her apartment to go to work, as if to beg, “don’t leave me!”

CREDIT: @officialghost

Ghost’s actions as Jes is about to go are divided into three stages: Step 1 – Always keep an eye on the door. Step 2: Keep the door open. Step 3 – Give you the saddest expression you’ve ever seen.

Ghost has been dubbed “the saddest cat ever” after his images went viral and made headlines.

CREDIT: @officialghost

Jes had uploaded a lot of images of him on her Facebook page, and he’s really lovely and expressive in all of them. “He’s my universe,” she adds, “and he’s really helped me with my sadness and anxiety; he’s a terrific little cat.”

“He’s a really affectionate cat, and I think we’re a terrific match,” Jes says. “He makes that expression at me all the time, but it’s more sad when I know I’ll be gone for the entire day.”

CREDIT: @officialghost

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