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Five Foster Kittens Are Adopted By A Dalmatian Couple And Raised As Their Own Children

Having a single life is difficult enough, but saving five lives is even more difficult! Even though it isn’t one of their own, the two lovely Dalmatians in the video below have no difficulty looking after a life in need.

Credit: luxury

Louie and Lady, the Dalmatians, are no strangers to rearing and nurturing puppies, and they appear to be as adept at caring for kittens.

Credit: luxury

The couple has adopted no fewer than five kittens, and they appear to be the ideal family since the kittens have grown to identify the loving dogs as their parents.

Credit: luxury

It’s difficult to think they’re not all of the same species when they appear so serene and comfortable together. Cats and dogs, it turns out, get along just well. Perhaps this is just true for kittens and dogs. But, well, it’s a start.

Credit: luxury

Watch the cute video here:

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