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The Poor Little Kitten Was Discovered Left on the Street with Makeshift Molds

When a group of children discovered a cat outside their apartment building, they brought her home and requested their parents to help them save her.

Her back legs had presumably been fractured in an earlier event, since they were encased in shabby casts.

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Kathy Hamel, the director of Arizona Shih Tzu and Small Breed Rescue, was contacted by the parents.

“When she was brought to me, one of her rescuers, a little girl of approximately four years old, had given her the name Cupcake. I told her I adored her name and hoped she’d retain it.”

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Cupcake was taken to the veterinarian by Kathy to try if they could find out what had happened to her.

After being checked, everyone was startled to see that her legs were not damaged at all; they functioned normally, implying that the casts were placed on purpose.

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Cupcake was underweight, dehydrated, and starved, despite the fact that her legs were fine.

Cupcake, fortunately, will be able to stay at the rescue facility until she regains her leg strength.

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She must retrain her body to walk on all fours again because to the restrictions of the casts.

The good news is that she already has a family who is ready to adopt her.

CREDIT: Cupcake

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