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After Being Reunited With His Travel Buddy-Cat After Five Months, A Trucker Bursts Into Tears

After five months of seeking, a truck driver wept when he was finally reunited with his pet cat.

CREDIT: Matthew

Since their paths met, Matthew and his cat Ashes have been on the road together, traveling across the country aboard Matthew’s 18-wheeler.
This adorable three-year-old kitten has a special affinity with his owner.

CREDIT: Matthew

Unfortunately, Ashes slipped out of the vehicle by mistake when driving through Ohio a few months back.

Something startled him, and he bolted into the bushes. Matthew had changed his path numerous times in the hopes of locating Ashes, but he had yet to come across him.

CREDIT: Matthew

Kimberley, a driver from the West Coast, was driving from Los Angeles to Rochester, New York, when she stopped at Love’s Travel Stop in Ohio.

She noticed a tiny gray cat coming from the bush as she was going back into her car.

CREDIT: Matthew

He seemed chilly and hungry, so Kimberley put him in her car after checking about to see whether he belonged to anybody. She completed her journey and drove him to Lollypop Farm, where she knew someone would be able to assist him.

Ashes had been microchipped, so Matthew will be reunited with his pet feline shortly. Matthew was able to modify his plans and fly to New York.

CREDIT: Matthew

Ashes was given the medical treatment he need while waiting for his human, and he began to regain some of the weight he’d lost.

Matthew was overcome with joy at being reunited with Ashes, and he burst into tears. Ashes elegantly sprang from Matthew’s arms and into the van, returning to his usual spot to sit.

CREDIT: Matthew

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