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Cat Insists On Taking His ‘Baby’ Blanket With Him Whenever He Goes

Sara works at Wilson Veterinary Hospital, and part of her responsibilities include caring for animals at the hospital’s in-house rescue.

A litter of three kittens was brought in one day, and Sara fell in love with them right away.


Looking after little kittens was one area of her work she valued, but regrettably, one of the kittens had an infected tail that had to be cut.
Sara assisted with the operation as well as the aftercare of this small black kitten, whom she called Renly on the spur of the moment. The more time she spent with him, the clearer it became that he was a one-of-a-kind feline.


She was so taken with him that she decided to adopt him, which he was overjoyed about.

To welcome him into her home, she purchased him a blanket and a plush rabbit.


Renly was ecstatic with his presents, and he is still enamored with them ten months later. He loves his blanket so much that he brings it with him practically wherever he goes.

Renly may be seen in action in the following video:

He cuddles his stuffed rabbit while he’s not with his blanket. Sara chose to acquire two additional animals following Renly, two Corgis called Azula and Hotchner.

Renly was immediately smitten by the little dogs and lavished them with affection.


He cared so much about them that he even let them share his favorite blanket. Sara feels that these two items are so important to him since they marked the beginning of his new and happy life.


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