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Landlord Is Compelled To Make An Exception After Woman Befriends Stray Cat

Bruce Willis, a tabby cat, appears to be much older than his stated age of six years. He is scarred and damaged as a result of protecting himself against other creatures.

Mr. Willis had broken teeth, damage to his eyes and one ear, and was infected with the cat FIV virus when he came to the Animal Humane Society. He was in desperate need of some tender loving care and rest.

CREDIT: Bruce Willis

He didn’t take long to develop a reputation for being pleasant. As soon as you got close enough, he’d start purring, and he couldn’t get enough love and attention. The issue was that he appeared to be in such bad shape that finding him a forever home was impossible.

As a result, the shelter began posting Mr Willis’ photos and story online in the hopes of matching him with the appropriate person. Sandra fell in love with him after seeing his Facebook post on International Cat Day.

CREDIT: Bruce Willis

Sandra was unable to adopt Mr Willis due to her landlord’s stringent no-pet policy, but she was determined to meet him and went to the shelter to do so.

Mr Willis was delighted to crawl into Sandra’s arms and purr affectionately. She returned home with a heavy heart, knowing she wouldn’t be able to bring him with her.

CREDIT: Bruce Willis

Sandra was certain after a month that she and Mr Willis were intended to be together, and that no other possible adopters were available.

She was so certain that she told her landlord about it and emailed him a photo. She was able to persuade him to alter his viewpoint after some convincing. Mr. Bruce Willis, the cat, had finally found his permanent home.

CREDIT: Bruce Willis

He sprawled out on the floor and purred loudly as he arrived at his new home; he was finally at home.

Despite spending years on the streets, he quickly learned to use a litter box at the shelter and hasn’t had an accident since moving in with Sandra.

CREDIT: Bruce Willis

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