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Pumpkin The Cat Defies the Supermarket Ban And Returns To The Cash Register

Meet Pumpkin, a witty kitten that enjoys hanging out at his neighborhood grocery and earning the hearts of the shoppers.

Pumpkin was a popular item in the Tesco supermarket in Norwich, United Kingdom, and was a favorite of all customers.

Pumpkin was labeled a “hindrance and a pain” by store employees, who announced the rescue cat’s ban in a move that made local news.

CREDIT: Pumpkin

The reaction sparked an outpouring of sympathy for the ejected kitty, with some customers threatening to boycott the business if he wasn’t allowed to return.

Pumpkin was regularly noticed hanging around outside the sliding doors of the business, which is close where he lives with his owner, Jo Harding, for a time, despite the fact that he was not permitted inside.

CREDIT: Pumpkin

Pumpkin has defied the restriction barely two months later. He was discovered dozing on his favorite self-checkout kiosk once more.

Pumpkin’s owner, Jo, said his inability to follow the rules is unsurprising because he is a complete diva.

CREDIT: Pumpkin

Pumpkin proved to be such a popular addition to the branch with the clients that Jo decided to create a Facebook page dedicated to his antics.

Pumpkin’s popularity has resulted in a 3000+ fan base on the page where people can track his whereabouts and see what he’s up to. Keep up the fantastic job, Pumpkin, and we hope you’re having fun with your newfound celebrity.

CREDIT: Pumpkin

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