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This Adorable Cat Is Well-Known For Imitating A Bat

Because of a unique ailment that causes her to resemble a bat, this cute cat has amassed a sizable social media following.

CREDIT: lucythebatcat

When Zilla first saw Lucy in a video from a friend who is a cat breeder, she fell in love with this unusual-looking Sphynx kitten right away.

Lucy was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus during her first vet appointment, a rare neurological disorder caused by a build-up of fluid in her head.

CREDIT: lucythebatcat

This means she has a large head, which, combined with her hairless black skin, gives her a bat-like appearance. Some veterinarians may be willing to operate on the cat, but the vet believes it isn’t worth it.

Zilla persisted in her resolve to adopt this special-needs cat, and the two eventually met.

CREDIT: lucythebatcat

Zilla did a lot of study before Lucy arrived at her new home, learning everything she could about her disease. Lucy was two months old when she arrived at her new home.

Lucy’s arrival delighted Zilla, but she was also apprehensive about caring for a cat with such a neurological problem.

CREDIT: lucythebatcat

Despite this, Zilla claims that Lucy’s life is rather ordinary. What is Lucy’s current situation? It’s fantastic! She appreciates human interaction and enjoys playing, cuddling, and watching the birds through the window.

Lucy had a lot of health problems at first, but due to her owner, who looked for the top veterinarians in the country, Lucy is now healthy and happy.

CREDIT: lucythebatcat

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