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Because Of Her Grumpy Expression, No One Wanted This Shelter Cat

It’s always heartbreaking to hear of a cat that has been in the shelter for a long time, waiting for the right person to come along and adopt them.

That’s exactly what happened to Bean, a cute little kitten.

CREDIT: Francisca

Bean was spotted as a stray cat living in an abandoned trailer park before being rescued. She had battle scars all over her body and was in serious need of medical help.

She was treated for a variety of diseases when she came to the shelter, including a major eye infection. The refuge might be said to have saved her life.

CREDIT: Francisca

They brought her back to health and decided it was time to place her for adoption because no one had claimed her.

Time passed, and the prospective adoptees did as well. Bean longed for someone to take her home every day, but that didn’t happen until Francisca arrived.

CREDIT: Francisca

Bean had been posted on the shelter’s website in the hopes of catching someone’s attention.

There was still no answer after a month when Francisca viewed the photo of herself and fell in love right away.

CREDIT: Francisca

“I wrote to the shelter and received a call back asking if I was sure Bean was the cat I wanted to meet because no one had ever expressed interest in her,” she explained.

“The notion that no one wanted her made me cry.” So I set up an appointment with them, even more determined to meet her.”

CREDIT: Francisca

Bean’s gloomy countenance appeared to be turning people off, but Francisca didn’t notice; she thought Bean looked unusual and cute, and she felt compelled to meet her.

Francisca was absolutely captivated with Bean the moment she met her at the shelter and was eager to adopt her right away.

CREDIT: Francisca

Bean quickly made herself at home in her new home with her forever human. “From the first second, she made herself at home. She sat down on the couch and fell asleep as if it were the most comfortable place she had ever been.”

CREDIT: Francisca

It was a far cry from an abandoned trailer park, to be sure, and Bean’s personality soon shone through.

CREDIT: Francisca

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