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Calico Kitten Arrives to Fire Station and Begs to Be Let Inside Due to the Cold

When a crew of Canadian firemen arrived at work that day, they weren’t anticipating a surprise, but fate has a weird way of putting wonderful things in the hands of decent people.

They recently noticed a cat peering wistfully through the station window as it shivered in the cold outside.

CREDIT: Fire Chief.

“I was strolling down the street when I spotted her at the window. The Fire Chief added, “A member of the crew stepped outside and she came directly to them.”

As a result, the police took her in and lavished her with love and attention.

CREDIT: Fire Chief.

They brought her to the veterinarian, where she was vaccinations, spayed, and treated for ear mites.

They all assumed she was a lost pet since she was so caring, so they started posting missing pet posts on different social media sites.

CREDIT: Fire Chief.

When no one claimed her after a respectable period of time, the firefighters transformed into animal rescuers, taking it upon themselves to care for her indefinitely and even giving her the name Ember.

When she appeared on their Facebook page with “Amber Alerts” on a daily basis, local social media people fell in love with her as well.

CREDIT: Fire Chief.

Even though it was hard to offer her a lot of care throughout the day, she loved living at the fire station.

The firefighters were well aware that the situation was not ideal, and they have since found her a loving forever home.

CREDIT: Fire Chief.

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