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The Shy and Fearful Rescue Cat Meets Her Forever Humans and Learns to Hug

Symphony was rescued together with 46 other abandoned cats and kittens in horrible conditions.

Pasado’s Safe Haven rescued all of the cats and sought assistance from local rescue organizations.

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Purrfect Pals took in Symphony, two years old, and eleven of her feline buddies.

This Siamese cat was bashful and didn’t know how to accept affection, but her rescuers were eager to help her.

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They felt that placing her in foster care would be the best course of action, since it would allow her to mingle more readily.

As a result, she spent time in the Monroe Reformatory in an intensive socialization program, where she was cared for by an inmate who had been properly educated to work with cats like Symphony.

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It worked wonderfully for her, and Symphony was ready for adoption after months in foster care.

Lia and her husband Larry, who were also volunteers at the adoption facility, greeted her when she arrived.

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Symphony took to Larry right away, much to everyone’s surprise. She put her arms around him in a strong hug the moment she saw him.

“She came with a handwritten note from the prisoner who had helped socialize her, stressing how she needed to be loved and handled tenderly, and that people should be liberal with toys and play with her,” Larry recalled. My heart sank, and I knew we had to get her back to us.”

CREDIT: Welovecatsandkittens

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