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A Stray Kitten Is Brought Into The House By A Cat, And The Family Adopts Him

Klarieke already had three cats in her household; she had always maintained that three was sufficient and that there was enough fluff to go around.

Then Charlie appeared!

CREDIT: La_riek

Klarieke and her family live in the Netherlands. Stavros, Jack, and Louis are their three adult cats. Stavros was rescued from the streets of Greece approximately a year ago, and as a result, he is the group’s streetwise leader, having lived on the streets himself.

Then, one day, a shy, tiny cat appeared in their backyard; no one had seen him before, and they weren’t sure whether he belonged to anyone. Stavros had been hanging out with the small cat, and the two of them were becoming buddies, Klarieke saw.

CREDIT: La_riek

Klarieke observed that Stavros wasn’t eating one day when feeding her three cats, and when she looked across, she saw that he’d offered his supper to the kitten who was happily nibbling away.

This generous feline didn’t mind giving up his food since he knew what it was like to be hungry after living on the streets for so long.

CREDIT: La_riek

He had always fled away when people were around, but Klarieke thought it was time to set out an additional dish for the kitten, and he was soon courageous enough to come in and eat with them.

Nobody showed up to claim the kitten, so he began to spend more time with Stavros. So they gave him the name Charlie, and Stavros immediately began showing him about his new house. They accompanied each other everywhere.

CREDIT: La_riek

He was still afraid of humans, but they were able to get him to the veterinarian, where he was given a clean bill of health.

He still prefers to spend most of his time with Stavros, but he is gradually emerging from his shell.

CREDIT: La_riek

Charlie is a lovely kitten who had no idea when he walked into that yard one day that it would become his everlasting home, complete with a loving family of cats and people.

From now on, he’ll undoubtedly be living the VIP lifestyle.

CREDIT: La_riek

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