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A Woman Adopts A Kitten Who Was Found Abandoned In A Box With Large ‘Glass’ Eyes

A woman in the Chicago suburbs discovered a cardboard box on her porch one day.

She was surprised to find a little kitten inside with a huge laceration on his neck, so she brought him to the clinic right away for treatment.


Elsie, the vet, fell in love with the kitten after just one glimpse into its large eyes. She anticipated that he would require a great deal of love and attention.

As a result, she decided to adopt him and gave him the name Porg, after the Star Wars big-eyed animals.


Porg’s brushing or scratching of his ears and neck resulted in big repeated rips in his skin, which is obviously not natural for a cat, as Elise quickly discovered.

After additional study, they discovered he had Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, a rare hereditary illness. This is a very unique ailment among cats, and it’s what earned him the moniker “glass kitten” since he’s so frail.


Cats with this unusual illness have loose, brittle skin that breaks readily.

As a result, Porg frequently wears clothing that protects his skin and makes him feel more at ease.


Elsie realized she was no longer just a foster mother to Porg; he had become a full-fledged part of her family.

She had no intention of abandoning him, even if he did require a little additional care and attention.


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