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A Woman Discovers A Note In Her Cat’s Collar Revealing That He Has Been Living A Double Life

Recently, a Mexican family realized that their beloved cat had been living a double life.

They had no idea that their kitten had a second home and had been living with another family just a few blocks away, under a new name.

CREDIT: Mary Lore Barra G. de Méndez

Pixi the cat lives in Mexico with Mary, his human, and she claims that he pretty much does anything he wants and that she has no idea why.

She assumed he was out exploring, chasing birds, and doing all the other things cats are renowned for.

CREDIT: Mary Lore Barra G. de Méndez

When he returned home one day wearing a new collar, Mary became suspicious. Is it possible he had two families?

So Mary decided to slip a letter in Pixi’s collar saying that she felt this cat had two families. “My name is Pixi, and I believe I have two homes!” read the note. ”

CREDIT: Mary Lore Barra G. de Méndez

So that was the end of it! Pixie/Huarache had two houses and was living the dream. This meant he’d get twice as much attention and, of course, twice as much food!

Since then, the two families have exchanged a few more messages, with Mar deciding that it was best to convey that Pixie had previously received all of his vaccinations, just in case they felt compelled to take him for more.

CREDIT: Mary Lore Barra G. de Méndez

Despite the fact that her cat had practically cheated on her, Mary was more than pleased to share her kitty’s affection and loving nature.

CREDIT: Mary Lore Barra G. de Méndez

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