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A Woman Saves A Kitten Who Was About To Be Put Down Because It Was ‘Ugly’

Lori Farris is a special needs teacher who noticed a little soiled cat on the threshold of a student’s house one day as she was leaving.

Lori felt she had to save the cat when it started following her to her car. So she decided to take Willow, the kitten she had named, with her and clean her up.

CREDIT: Willowthebeautifulcat

Lori immediately brought this flea-infested kitten to the vet for a full examination after rescuing her.

Willow had fleas, an eye infection, and intestinal parasites, according to the veterinarian.

CREDIT: Willowthebeautifulcat

Her face and mouth, however, did not appear to be those of a regular cat, and while cats cannot have Down’s syndrome, the veterinarian indicated she had a chromosomal defect that was comparable.

He further stated that if she had been sent to a shelter, she would have been killed since her appearance was not “beautiful,” making it impossible for her to be adopted.

CREDIT: Willowthebeautifulcat

Lori chose to keep her after that. Lori had already fallen in love with Willow despite her unique appearance.

Willow developed from a sickly kitten to a happy, loving cat with Lori’s care and affection, as well as some much-needed medication.

CREDIT: Willowthebeautifulcat

“I’m fine with people saying she’s odd-looking because she is,” Lori added, “but I don’t like it when they label her ugly, retarded, or nasty.”

“I believe she is popular because she is a symbol of love, generosity, and beauty, despite her unusual appearance. She’s a fantastic little cat in every aspect, and I’m grateful to have her in my life.”

CREDIT: Willowthebeautifulcat

Willow is still living with Lori, along with her best buddy, Ella the Boxer, two years later.

This unusual duo spends their time together playing, eating, and even sleeping.

CREDIT: Willowthebeautifulcat

Willow even has her own Instagram account, with over 147,000 followers, where she flaunts her floral hat collection!

What a fortunate cat she is! Well done, Willow, and thank you, Lori, for rescuing her.

CREDIT: Willowthebeautifulcat

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