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Cat Never Cuddled His Mother Till He Found Out She Was Pregnant

Lisa Kitchen and her husband have had their Maine Coon cat Max for three years, and he has never exhibited devotion to his human mom; he has always been daddy’s cat.

He would follow his father around and cuddle up to him, napping on his chest.

Credit: Lisa Kitchen

“When we first received Max, he was immediately bonded to my husband,” Lisa said. “He’d fall asleep curled up on his chest.” He’d meow for him to come get him. “Not that much for me.”

Max never showed Lisa any affection until she observed a shift in his behavior one day when she returned home from work and saw Max meowing loudly at her.

Credit: Lisa Kitchen

He’d never done anything like this before, so maybe Max had seen something unusual about Lisa.

And now it seemed as if he was pleading for her attention every time he saw her.

Credit: Lisa Kitchen

Max grew really close to Lisa after a few days and Lisa’s attempts to approach the kitty. Things became further stranger when Max began to cuddle with her while she slept.

He started sleeping next to her legs, then went on to her stomach. Lisa sensed something wasn’t right, so she took a pregnancy test and found out she was expecting!

Credit: Lisa Kitchen

Max is always at her side now, and if Lisa isn’t there, he will meow for her. It’s as though he’s attempting to keep the kid inside safe and warm at all times by guarding her belly.

What a beautiful story with a really perceptive cat – well done, Max!

Credit: Lisa Kitchen

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