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Cat Punished to Solitary for Allowing Other Shelter Cats to Leave

Quilty is a naughty boy cat now staying at Houston’s Friends for Life Animal Rescue.

This fiery feline has gone viral for his wicked habit of letting himself and his housemates out at any time of day or night.

Credit: friends4lifeorg

He can not only open the senior cat common room’s human-sized door, but he can also get out of every kennel they’ve put him in.

With his maximum level stealth, he’s also incredibly excellent at following a human out the door.

Credit: friends4lifeorg

It took a while for the staff to figure out why none of the cats were where they were supposed to be every morning when they arrived at the shelter.

Finally, they witnessed footage from the webcam of Quilty expertly unlocking the door, allowing all of the other cats to roam freely.

Credit: friends4lifeorg

Quilty has been placed in what can only be characterized as “solitary confinement” as a result of the staff’s decision. That is, until he can pick up some manners.

Quilty has gotten out, crashed staff meetings, slipped past multiple staff members, and had to be “perp-walked” back to his room in the previous three updates.

Credit: friends4lifeorg

Quilty’s description had been created by someone at the shelter in the hopes of him being adopted.

“Can you tell me what the coolest cat name you’ve ever heard?” Quilty, I believe, is the winner! Almost as much as a CLEAN litter box and lounging on the balcony, I like my name. I don’t appreciate receiving belly massages as much as I like getting pets.”

Credit: friends4lifeorg

“I’m a clever, lively, laid-back guy who can be bashful at times.” I don’t mind if you have a nice dog at home, but I’m not sure about small children. I’ve never used them before, so I’m not sure how I feel about them.

I am aware that I enjoy opening closed doors. When I see one, it’s a challenge for me, so I try my hardest to open it and am typically successful.”

Credit: friends4lifeorg

“Remember the name Quilty and plan a Meet & Greet with me,” it concluded. I’m ready for a sleepover at your place, and I’m eager to stay forever.”

Because he has become so well-known on the internet, the shelter has been inundated with adoption applications. He now has his own Instagram account, as well as the hashtag #freequilty.

Credit: friends4lifeorg

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