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Orphaned Kitten Is Comforted By A Cat, Who Teaches Him To Cuddle Every Day

Moonglade Rose, an animal rescuer, discovered a little kitten that was scared and in in need of medical attention earlier this year.

Moonglade took the kitten to the vet and had him treated; he was traumatized by the incident and Moonglade decided to take him home with her.

CREDIT: Moonglade Rose

She named him Opie and was worried about how her other cat, Andy, who was also a rescue, would respond to the newcomer.

Andy dashed over to check who was causing the noise as soon as he heard the small one whimper. The elder tabby quickly put his arms around Opie and began grooming him, as if to comfort him that everything would be well.

CREDIT: Moonglade Rose

She stated, “Andy greeted him warmly and wouldn’t stop embracing and kissing him.”

He remained up all night with him, protecting him like all big brothers should. He knew what to do because he was a rescue cat himself.

CREDIT: Moonglade Rose

Moonglade continued to look after him and would get up several times during the night to feed him. And after every meal, Opie would climb up onto her breast, roll up into a small ball of fur, and purr.

Andy stayed close to the kitten the entire night, keeping him and his human mother company.

CREDIT: Moonglade Rose
CREDIT: Moonglade Rose

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