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Charming Kitten With Big Personality Is Excited To Find The Family Of His Dreams

Tram Bui, co-founder of Mini Cat Town, a San Jose, California-based rescue organization, was visiting a local shelter when she came across a small feline with a huge personality. The naughty black kitten had been rescued from the streets and was desperate for a home.

The kitten leapt and hopped from his prison, begging for attention, and as Tram neared, he pressed his face to the bars. The kitten was around six weeks old and was completely devoid of fur.

CREDIT; Mini Cat Town

“He made a strong case for himself and chose to join us in Mini Cat Town. As a result, we packed it up and brought it home.”

When they arrived at their new location and opened the cardboard box in which it had been transported, the kitten continued to meow loudly and roamed about the box, looking for a little attention.

Tram had to reprimand him a few times before he eventually calmed down; once he stopped weeping, he snuggled close to the woman, which he seemed to find secure. Soon after, the young kitten gained weight and began to express his individuality by running and climbing all over the place.

CREDIT; Mini Cat Town

“Tiny Tim from A Christmas Carol was the name we came up with for him. We spent the next two weeks ensuring that he gained weight while following a high-calorie diet.”

Tiny, Tiny, Tiny, Tiny, Tiny, Tiny, Tin Tim would make all sorts of amusing remark, he was quite taken with the Christmas tree and wanted to investigate it thoroughly, and he ventured to traverse high height, despite the fact that he needed assistance to return to solid ground.

Thoa recalls:

“He was doing it numerous times a day, pleading for assistance.”

CREDIT; Mini Cat Town

“He’s quite energetic and lively!” He enjoys chasing toys and attempting to play with our cats ยป.

He still cries and seeks for caresses and pampering, and he isn’t afraid to jump on anyone who want attention, despite the fact that he has grown a lot since he came. When this little guy’s story was shared with a family that already had three cats, they were totally enthralled.

They chose to adopt the kitten, and he is now known as T’Challa. He has a huge family and receives all of the affection he could possibly desire.

CREDIT; Mini Cat Town

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