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Loving Kitty Always Sleeps Hugging His Favorite Human

Noah had a long-held desire to have a cat as a companion animal, to be his best buddy. But it wasn’t until Christmas two years ago that ‘Santa’ fulfilled his wish and brought Sir Meowsalot to him (Meewser ).

Noah couldn’t believe his wish had come true, and he was overjoyed to meet his adorable two-month-old cat. The affectionate feline was not far behind; he was overjoyed to meet Noah, and the two became fast friends.

CREDIT: Ashley Crow

Whenever it’s time to tidy up or take a break, the pair snuggle up together and Meowser always lays on top of Noah.

This scene is very moving, because it seems that Meowser wrapped Noah in a warm hug, this image is so sweet, it generates a smile in everyone.

Ashley added:

“They have such an uncommon bond and have had it since day one. One thing is for sure, when Noah lies down, Sir Meowsalot lies on top of him.”

CREDIT: Ashley Crow

Noah’s mother, Ashley Crow, told The Dodo:

“My kid Noah and Meowser had an instantaneous connection. They couldn’t be separated.”

Nothing has changed in the past several years; Noah and Meowser are the best friends someone could possibly have, and they do everything together.

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