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Three-Legged Kitten Surprises With Its Tenacity And Great Resistance

A three-legged kitten was given a second shot at life, and she has astounded her caregivers with her extraordinary strength and tenacity in dealing with all of her issues.

The adorable kitten was discovered alone in a family’s yard when it was just 6-7 days old. The worst aspect was that she was missing a portion of one of her rear legs due to a trauma that had most likely occurred during her delivery.

CREDIT; Dannielle Southon

A caring individual discovered the kitten and did not hesitate to seek assistance online, since she required immediate medical treatment.

Dannielle Southon, the founder of Southon Rescue, spotted the ad and didn’t hesitate to respond, picking her up and bringing her in without hesitation.

“He had a twisted leg wound, most likely as a result of a wrapped umbilical chord.” Her bone had become exposed, and she had developed a serious infection.’

CREDIT; Dannielle Southon

The kitten was given the name Jack since everyone assumed it was a kitten at first, but when they learnt the truth, they opted to maintain the name. Soon after, Jack revealed himself to be a kitten with a voracious hunger and found her purr machine, so he began pleading with him for food.

Danielle continued, ”

“Jack’s leg looked significantly better after three and a half days of antibiotics, pain control, and cleanings.”

CREDIT; Dannielle Southon

She ate all of her food till she didn’t have any left over, then went around on her three small legs, practicing her champion walking every day. She turned on her tiny purr engine every time someone touched her, soaking up all the affection she could.

Jack continued to make enormous advances over the following three weeks, surprise his foster mom and the vet with his incredible development.

Jack walked wonderfully on three legs at the age of five weeks, played, and attempted to climb any obstacle that came his way.

Danielle expressed herself as follows:

“It was apparent that he would be OK after the wound healed.”

CREDIT; Dannielle Southon

He even spotted other kittens racing around the room one day and decided to emulate them by following them around the home.

Jack’s mom is simply working on his balance and being too confident to walk on one hind leg now that his stump is totally healed. But she’s doing so well that an orthopedic vet told her following a consultation that he had an excellent chance of a happy future.

Danielle had this to say:

“Ever since she came, this kid has astonished me with her toughness and endurance.”

CREDIT; Dannielle Southon

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