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Viral Video Of A Woman “Breastfeeding” A Kitten On A Plane Surprises Thousands

The video of a guy and a woman who appears to be his mother aboard an aircraft has already received millions of views on social media, but nothing is as it looks, so now we’ll tell you the reality about what occurred.

For the past few days, a series of videos on TikTok have gone popular in which a man and a woman appear inside an airplane with their alleged son in their arms fighting because he claims what they are nursing is a cat rather than a child. These posts have now received over 80 million views, yet they conceal a truth.

CREDIT: The Gooch

Following a little conversation, the girl agrees to display her baby, confirming that it is a cat, and she is escorted from the plane. However, the video also reveals that the animal she is holding in her arms is a toy animal, indicating that not all is as it seems.

It turns out that the TikTok video that went viral is a spoof put together by The Gooch, a content developer who uploaded the audiovisual material on his Facebook account last week.

CREDIT: The Gooch

Furthermore, every time this young man posts a tape to his social media account, he mentions in the caption that everything is a parody, complete with scripts and actors, so that his fans do not believe it is a real-life shoot.

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