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A Cat Reunited with Its Owners After Accidentally Getting Donated to a Thrift Store

After its owners unintentionally gave it to a thrift store, a cat has been safely restored to its home.

According to the Denver Animal Shelter, the family in issue donated a chair to a thrift store before making a huge relocation. What they didn’t realize was that Montequlla, the family cat, was hiding inside the chair at the time. The cat was spotted by employees at the secondhand store where the chair was given, who then contacted Denver Animal Protection. Officers arrived and scanned the cat’s microchip, but the information on it was outdated.

The chair-donating family soon discovered that their cat had gone missing. They contacted the secondhand store on a whim, and were led to Denver Animal Protection.

“We are overjoyed with the outcome of this tale and grateful to everyone involved in safely returning the loving kitty home,” Denver Animal Shelter wrote on Facebook.

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