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Cat Learns To Say ‘OK’ Anytime Her Dad Asks A Question

Akkodha has always been a docile cat, answering “OK” to practically every inquiry her father poses.

When Dan Spano and his wife brought Akkodha home from the humane society in 2006, they found she was chatty. Her former owners had returned Akkodha to the shelter because her fur was “too long.” Akkodha, on the other hand, was ideal for her new family.


“She has her chirps and meows, and she always talks to me when I wake up,” Spano told The Dodo.

Spano began conversing with Akkodha as if she were a human, and the two had pleasant exchanges. Then Spano noted that when he asked Akkodha a question, she seemed to respond with a “OK.” 🎂 Happy Birthday Akkodha Kitty!!🎉 Technically her birthday is Nov 29th. I just forgot to post that day 😆 #fypシ #cat #catsoftiktok ♬ Walk Home – Akkodha

Spano’s Oks got more prominent the more he chatted to Akkodha and played with her. “And we’ve gotten to where she is today simply through years and years of messing around with her and going back and forth,” Spano added.

When Akkodha wants anything, she becomes more vocal, as do most cats. “If I’m anywhere near the kitchen pantry where she keeps her snacks, she’ll shout it,” Spano added. “She links that with me, and now all she wants to do is repeat it.”


The more Spano talked to Akkodha and played with her, the more obvious his Oks were. “And we’ve arrived to where she is now simply by fooling about with her and going back and forth for years and years,” Spano remarked.

Akkodha, like other cats, gets more noisy when she wants something. “She’ll yell it if I’m anywhere near the kitchen cupboard where she stores her treats,” Spano continued. “She’s made a connection between it and me, and all she wants to do now is repeat it.” My cat says ok part 1000. Sorry for the lack of content. I just got a new job and moved my family. Put in the comments questions I should ask Akkodha. 😸❤️OK #fypシ #cat #catsoftiktok ♬ Walk Home – Akkodha

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