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A Rescued Kitten And Pig Meet At A Sanctuary, Comfort Each Other And Become The Best Of Friends

In the animal realm, there is no distinction between species when it comes to friendship. Marina, a beautiful cat, and Laura, a pig, met after they were rescued and brought to the Interspecies Equality Sanctuary in Santiago de Chile.

Their friendship bloomed from the instant they met, and they are now inseparable.

Marina came to the shelter after her mother abandoned her; she was ill and feeble, and her eyes were coated with pus. Fortunately, she is small, and she was discovered by someone who took her to the sanctuary, where they stated that she would not have lived if she had not been cared to.


Laura’s origins were also difficult; her mother worked on a pig farm, and the tiny pig was destined for a horrible end, but she was saved from the meat business by a group of animal rights activists.


The crew drove her to the refuge, and the tiny pig couldn’t stop shivering because she was so terrified.


Marina contacted Laura after she saw her distraught after they were rescued only a few days apart.


The kitten provided him with the comfort he required, and the two became inseparable from that point on.


Their relationship is extremely strong; they spend their days together playing and sleep in one other’s arms; they are the epitome of friendship.


These two pals never cease to amaze me; they tend to look out for and defend one another, and there isn’t anything they don’t love doing together.

A video of this pair may be seen here:

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