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Friendly Cat Spends All Day Comforting His Father With Alzheimer’s

Bob is a retired veterinarian who has always been drawn to animals since they have provided him with immense joy and satisfaction. However, Bob’s life altered in 2009 when he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, and he has been fighting the disease ever since.

It’s tough to discover something that makes Bob happy; it appears that nothing does, but things would be different if he had his cat Mooshu.

Mooshu is a sociable and loving cat that enjoys being around people and cuddling up to them.

Image | Patricia Wright

Bob, the cat that joined the household in 2013, was already sick with the condition, and Mooshu quickly realized how much he needed it.

Bob’s wife, Patricia Wright, told The Dodo:

“Bob insisted on having a cat on his lap, so I kept taking Mooshu up and placing him on his lap.” He is now constantly present and sleeps in his arms at night.

The couple owns another cat named Norman, but his ailing father has an unique affinity with Mooshu for whatever reason.

Image | Patricia Wright

The sweet cat appears to be aware of his father’s situation; he has taken on the role of his guardian and follows him around everywhere he goes.

Patricia stated, ”

“I believe he recognizes that his father requires him now more than ever. When Bob takes a shower, Mooshu is the one that meows and rubs against him, as if checking on him.”

The cat attempts to spend as much time as possible with its father, yet it must occasionally leave to engage in typical cat behaviors.

Patricia realized how upset her husband became when Mooshu isn’t there, and she had a brilliant plan.

Image | Patricia Wright

Patricia stated, ”

“Bob was so content having Mooshu on his lap, who kept him so quiet, that he couldn’t be content until the cat was around. To keep him company while Moosh was doing cat things, I had to get him a robot cat.”

Mooshu first refused the robot cat’s companionship, unable to comprehend why he was also in his father’s lap, but he eventually accepted it.

Image | Patricia Wright

Mooshu can now go exploring and playing in peace while his father enjoys the companionship of the mechanical cat and his closest buddy returns.

Alzheimer’s disease isn’t easy, and some days are more challenging than others, but there’s nothing Bob and Mooshu can’t go through together.

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