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She Finds Out That Her Cat Had A Best Friend At The Foster Home And Decides To Adopt Him Too

Dwight was rescued from the streets of Mississippi and placed in a foster home while being transported to an animal sanctuary. He was transferred to a shelter in Kennebunk, Maine, when everything was ready, in the hopes of finding him a forever home.

His new mother had been considering adopting a cat, so as soon as she decided, she went to the shelter to choose the perfect kitty.

Megan Marsh discovered Dwight in a matter of minutes, and as soon as she saw him, she knew he was the one; she fell fully in love with him.

Facebook/Megan Marsh

Megan explained to The Dodo:

“Dwight is the most adorable cat I’ve ever met. She had never owned a cat before him, and she was concerned about having an aloof cat that would do his own thing. Dwight isn’t that feline! He has always enjoyed being caressed, kissed, and hugged. He follows me around my flat at all times, and he sleeps with me every night ».

Facebook/Megan Marsh

They shared a house for more than a year until Dwight’s departure for Maine, when Conan was still not ready.

Now when it was Conan’s turn to travel to the same shelter, the lady decided to contact Megan to see if they might hook up again.

Megan was hesitant to adopt Conan at first, but the more she thought about it, the more she felt compelled to do so, so she finalized the adoption.

Facebook/Megan Marsh

Everything was in place for Conan to be adopted by Megan and for Conan and Dwight to reunite as brothers before he was moved.

Megan stated,

“I live in an apartment and was concerned about my lack of room. It made sense after some thought: they used to be best friends; it would have been stupid not to bring them together!”

Conan was terrified when he arrived at his new home; all of the unexpected excursions and changes had left him befuddled and unsure of what to do.

Facebook/Megan Marsh

But as soon as he encountered Dwight, he relaxed a little, and as the days passed, his brother helped him realize he was back home.

Conan gradually became accustomed to it and developed confidence as time passed, with his brother assisting him along the process.

Megan stated,

“He and Dwight reconnected and were friends once more. In fact, I found the two of them curled up in Dwight’s small bed when I awoke in the middle of the night. It was just adorable! They are now inseparable. If one is nearby, the other is often always nearby as well. This was clearly the greatest choice!”

Facebook/Megan Marsh

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