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Shelter Threw A Birthday Party For This Cat, But No One Attended

According to statistics, a cat spends an average of 23 days in the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home shelter. Monique, a 2-year-old cat, has a distinct story to tell. She, on the other hand, has already spent 121 days in the shelter without being able to find a home.

Despite her outgoing personality and fun nature, she has struggled to find a home owing to her disease.

Monique has feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), which is treatable but means she can’t live with most other cats.

Image | Battersea Dogs & Cats

The cat is interested and lively, and like any other cat, she would like having outside space. However, that area would need to be sealed off so that no additional cats could enter and contract FIV.

People are afraid to adopt Monique because of the particular needs she requires.

Image | Battersea Dogs & Cats

Monique, on the other hand, remains positive and sits at the shelter, hoping that someone would pick her and provide her the house of her dreams.

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home communications officer Nikki Cummins told The Dodo:

“Monique is a very loving and lovely cat. She was shy at first, and it took some time for her to come out of her shell, but after she got to know the people in her life, her personality shone through, and she is usually cheerful. meet us “.

Everyone at the shelter adores Monique and wishes for her to find a home soon, so they devised a plan to assist her.

Image | Battersea Dogs & Cats

Nikki stated,

“Since Monique’s birthday occurs on Valentine’s Day, it felt like the perfect opportunity to honor one of our kitties.” Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for folks to think about adding more love to their lives.

Battersea Dogs & Cats receives a large number of visitors, the majority of whom are interested in adopting a cat and come to the shelter for information and to adopt a cat.

Monique’s birthday decorations drew a large crowd, and the staff hoped that some of them would opt to take her home with them.

Image | Battersea Dogs & Cats

It appeared to be the ideal plan for achieving the goal, so they started to work organizing everything for the birthday. Everything was set, Monique was in her spot in the middle of the decorations, and all that was left was for people to show up.

Everyone hoped that the plan would come together, but no one showed up for Monique’s party.

Image | Battersea Dogs & Cats

Despite all of the effort put into the celebration, everyone was unhappy with the outcome, save Monique, who was overjoyed.

Nikki stated,

“We were sorry that Monique’s birthday didn’t bring any possible new owners, but our employees and volunteers were more than delighted to come out and show her some love.”

Despite the fact that the celebration did not go as planned, everyone understands that Monique will eventually find her long-awaited home; in the meanwhile, she will continue to get a lot of affection at the shelter.

Image | Battersea Dogs & Cats

Monique would undoubtedly thrive in a household without other pets, with an enclosed environment in which she could play and explore.

He need a family that recognizes his needs and provides him with all of the attention, patience, and love he requires to be happy.

Image | Battersea Dogs & Cats

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