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Bazooka, The Obese Cat Whose Life Changed When He Met A Marathon Runner

Due to his massive size, a 5-year-old tabby cat dubbed ‘Bazooka’ has become a sensation at an animal shelter. The 36-pound cat was surrendered to the shelter after his previous owner died of old age.

The guy had dementia, and it is thought that he neglected to feed the cat and so kept his dish full of food, which is why the cat became obese.

Employees at the SPCA of Wake County were taken aback by his size, and he had to be handled by two officials because of his weight.


The shelter’s director of communications, Darci VanderSlik, told The Dodo:

“It’s incredible how large and ancient it is. He’s a square cat, measuring 34 inches long.”

He was filthy and bristly when he arrived at the shelter, since his great size prevented him from being properly washed; there was simply too much fur to care for.

Darcy stated,

“He’s having trouble grooming himself correctly, playing with toys, and doing the things that normal cats do.”

Despite his weight, he is a quick cat that can leap on the bed and even slowly but steadily ascend stairs.


Bazooka must, without a doubt, begin an appropriate therapy to reduce weight and be able to do regular feline activities, since he is still young and has a long life ahead of him.

Her disposition is completely lovely, easygoing, and joyful, despite her intimidating appearance.

Darcy stated,

“This is the coolest cat I’ve ever seen.” He is very relaxed and serene. He is always cheerful ».


The shelter released images of the cat on its Facebook page and in rescue groups in the hopes of finding a suitable home for it to improve its health and lose weight.

While looking through numerous rescue organisations for a prospective pet to adopt, Robin Anderson came upon the enormous photograph of Bazzoka.

Robin fell in love with the feline right away, and she felt he was the one to replace the need left by her former cat’s death.


Robin phoned the shelter without thinking, hoping that Bazooka hadn’t already been adopted; when the staff heard his personal story, they realized it was the ideal place for him.

Darcy stated,

“She had shed over 120 pounds and is now a marathon runner.” She was ecstatic to step in and assist him in documenting her weight reduction progress. She even intends to put her training to good use by doing some cardio Activities.

After spending roughly a week in the shelter, Bazooka was adopted by his new family and given the name “King Augustus.”

He’s still getting acclimated to his new surroundings, but he’ll acquire confidence quickly and be reunited with his new brother, Rufus, a 10-pound dog.

Robin will do everything she can to help the cat regain her health and weight, as well as provide her with all the affection she need.

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