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Cat Jumps Into Mom’s Arms After Being Lost For 536 Days

Cat is a hesitant cat that managed to attract the interest of Mindy Criner and her husband Luke, who chose to take him into their arms since they thought he simply needed a family to bring out his personality.

Cat adjusted to her new home despite the challenges, and when Mindy and Luke had a baby, he fell in love with her right away.

The cat loved to go about the yard and investigate, but when Mindy went looking for him one day, she couldn’t locate him.

Mindy Criner

Given the circumstances, the woman immediately sought assistance from the Lost & Found Pets – Hampton Roads Facebook group, and she and her husband then worked tirelessly to locate Cat.

They placed a litter box and food outdoors in the hopes of luring him home with familiar scents. They also put up little lodging stations around the area and invited their pals to check them out whenever they had the opportunity.

Mindy Criner

They attempted typical techniques, such as posting posters with his name across the area, but days passed without locating him, and they became discouraged.

Mindy explained to The Dodo:

“The weeks stretched into a year, then a little more, and with each passing day, the fracture in my wounded heart expanded a little more.”

Mindy was taken aback when she received a call after such a long time notifying her that her cat had been discovered.

Mindy Criner

The woman assumed it was an oversight, but went to the shelter right away, where she was informed that a guy had been feeding Cat, mistaking her for a stray cat.

After the cat was hit by a car and survived, the guy notified animal control, who discovered that he had a family owing to his microchip.

Mindy Criner

Mindy made touch with the gentleman and returned home. When the woman came, the cat was feeding on the porch, and it didn’t seem like much time had gone when they saw each other.

He crawled onto her lap purring, then launched himself into her arms, demonstrating how much he missed her. She sat on the steps waiting for the cat to approach closer in case she was terrified.

Mindy Criner

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