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Homeless Cat Lost Her Ears And Shelter Volunteers Made Her A New Pair

In early December of last year, a homeless cat named Lady was discovered on the streets in Madison, Wisconsin. She was sent to the Dane County Humane Society for treatment.

They realized the kitty was in discomfort as soon as he arrived at the shelter, so they started doing tests to figure out what was wrong with him.

The vets found that the difficulties stemmed from his ears after doing the necessary tests.

Facebook/Dane County Humane Society

“Our doctors gave him a thorough assessment and concluded he was suffering from recurrent ear infections and injuries on both ears,” Ash Collins of the Dane County Humane Society told The Dodo.

They decided to remove Lady’s ears since the infections were advanced and the agony she was experiencing was intolerable.

Lady was brought to surgery and stayed at the veterinarian’s clinic for the duration of her rehabilitation.

Facebook/Dane County Humane Society

The agony subsided as the days passed, and the cat began to hear better and do regular feline behaviors. When it was time to return to the shelter, everyone was overjoyed to see her and utterly enamored with the cat without ears.
Ash said:

“Lady is a wonderful kitty. She enjoys receiving hugs and head massages, and our staff and volunteers loved spending time with her while she was recovering.”

When the cat had healed completely, it was time to find a permanent home, but shelter employees were afraid that the cat’s loss of ears might deter potential adopters.

Facebook/Dane County Humane Society

That’s when Ash had a wonderful idea: he decided to use his hand knitting abilities to make some cute crochet ears.
Ash said:

“We were scared that her adoption procedure would take longer because she didn’t appear funny, so I decided to use my crochet abilities to make a gorgeous purple eared beanie to help her stand out.”

When the ears were finished, Ash carefully placed them on Lady’s head and photographed her, which the shelter workers shared on Facebook. Users reacted quickly and flooded the publication with favorable feedback.

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