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Man Makes Winter Shelters For Homeless Cats Out Of Discarded Fridges

On a daily basis, animals abandoned on the streets confront severe difficulties, one of which is when winter hits, since although many have a warm and pleasant home, they must endure freezing conditions outside.

Fortunately, there are those who go to great lengths to ensure that these street animals have a warm place to sleep.

Philip Rogich, a native of Ogden, Utah, is one such guy who is converting other people’s trash into little houses for stray cats.

Facebook/Batman Of Ogden

Philip turns old freezers into warm, dry shelters for cats throughout the winter.

Philip explained to Boredpanda:

“I read a Facebook post about a man manufacturing these and decided to give it a shot. My own post about seeking for vintage refrigerators went viral. I perform a lot of volunteer work, mostly with kids. My wife and I are both animal lovers and wanted to help them out. So far, I’ve created 77 and have enough coolers to build 15 more.”

Facebook/Batman Of Ogden

Philip undertakes specific retrofitting work on each abandoned refrigerator after collecting them.

Philip explained to Fox13:

“Normally, goods are kept cold in the refrigerator. We’ll use it to keep the animals warm; I have a 6-inch drill bit, and when you drill the hole, you just fill it up with pipe insulation.”

Most individuals have at least one refrigerator that they do not use, and they frequently end up in the garbage or become damaged from being filed. Philip has given them a greater use and a useful purpose with a simple tweak.

Phillip stated, ”

“I’m the only one making them for my project thus far.” I’ve created an instructional video so that anyone may construct their own. Many individuals assist me in locating them.

Facebook/Batman Of Ogden

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