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Truck Driver Breaks Down In Tears When Reunited With His Cat After Months Of Searching

When Matthew B, a trucker, discovered his pet cat Ashes after months of looking, he couldn’t help but cry.

Since their paths intersected, Matthew and Ashes have been on the road together. As they journey across the country in the luxury of their 18-wheeler, the guy forms a remarkable relationship with his 3-year-old gray relative.

Ashes was his coworker, and they had never been separated until last July, when the cat unintentionally escaped from the truck when it was parked in Springfield, Ohio. Something had scared him, and he dashed into the undergrowth.


Matthew was heartbroken, and he looked everywhere for his closest buddy.

He drove around the region many times but to no effect; he was so upset that he had no choice but to go back on the road, but he knew he had to.

Matthew changed his travels multiple times over the next few months in order to return to the same spot in quest of Ashes. He continued returning, thinking that this would be the day.


On their journey to New York, Kimberly T. and a buddy arrived at the same station. Something grabbed her attention just as she was about to get back into her car. A tiny, hungry cat emerged from a thicket, seeking attention.

“I was trying not to touch the ground since it was so chilly.”

She scooped up the cat and carried it to her car to warm it up because no one had been to collect it. The cat seems to have spent some time on the streets. He required a lot of care and a visit to the veterinarian.

Kimberly took him to New York with her because she knew of a location that could heal him.


They transported him to Lollypop Farm, a Fairport-based animal care charity, where he was warmly greeted.

According to a spokesman representing the organization,

“Kimberly had no idea that this cat was not just any cat, but a seasoned traveler. As with all new pets, our admissions staff promptly screened for a microchip. He not only had one, but he had a previous owner who had registered it to a Texas address 1,465 miles distant.”


They phoned the number listed in the registration information and hoped the owner would pick up the phone, which he did. Matthew, who was in Arkansas at the time, couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

He informed the personnel at Lollypop Farm:

“Every day, I was thinking about Ashes.”

Matthew promptly rerouted his travel plans and set out for New York. Ashes received the appropriate veterinary treatment and gained some weight while waiting for the reunion day.

Matthew’s 18-wheeler drove up outside the shelter a week and a half after Ashes arrived.

Ashes spotted his human father right away and approached him.


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