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Cat Is Fitted With 4 Prostheses After His Paws Froze

Ryzhik, a beautiful cat who suffered frostbite and lost all four of his paws, has been fitted with a new set of titanium paws.

When winter arrives in Siberia, temperatures plunge to dangerously low levels. Although humans have become accustomed to this and have prepared for it through time, not all animals are as forgiving.

Pets with frozen paws are frequent in Siberia, and unfortunately, the animals are sometimes destroyed. Fortunately, this cat happened to cross paths with someone who had very other plans for him.

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The legs, which were produced using advanced CT scanning and 3D modeling, are a “global first.” Ryzhik is most likely the world’s first cat with all four prosthetic limbs.

Sergey Gorshkov, a veterinarian, told the Siberian Times:

“It is without a doubt the world’s first cat to undergo this sort of operation.”

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The cat’s limbs were fashioned of titanium and linked to bones, according to the surgeon. To allow tissue to develop around it, the section that connects to the skin and bone is porous.

Ryzhik can be seen going up and down the stairs with his new legs in the footage.

Although the kitten appears wobbly at the moment, the experts believe that the fact that he has not attempted to remove or shake the prostheses indicates that he is OK with the situation.

The kitten isn’t sprinting or walking confidently yet, but experts say this is only temporary and that Ryzhik will grow accustomed to his new legs and be able to move much more readily in the future.

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