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Cat Runs Away From Home To Attend His Owner’s Wake

Luzia Aparecida Alencar dos Santos, 32, and her daughter, Julia dos Santos, 3, were killed in a bus accident in Brazil, and a cat arrives at their funeral. At the funeral home, the feline drew the attention of family and friends. The cat belonged to the child, according to relatives of the dead, and she concealed to attend the wake.

In addition to relatives and friends, the cat attended the wake and never left the girl’s side, catching the attention of those who were present.

According to what family informed G1, the cat was Julia’s pet, and she named it Opera.

Photo: Nina Barbosa/G1

He would have hidden beneath the vehicle seat because the house door was open as the family went for the funeral home. He stood about the coffins all morning and sat on a chair with his relatives at intervals.

Photo: Nina Barbosa/G1

The family also witnessed the cat leaving the interior of the church for a little while to sip water before returning to the same location where the ritual took place.

Both were buried together, with the cat being cared for by family.

Photo: Nina Barbosa/G1

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