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Rescued Kitten With Broken Jaw Gets Cute Smile Forever

Duchess was critically hurt after being struck by a vehicle. When she was rushed to Texas Adobe Animal Hospital, doctors determined she had a shattered jaw as well as other issues.

Dr. Meyer refused not give up on Duchess, despite the fact that her odds of life appeared to be minimal.

Duchess was on a feeding tube and meds for approximately a month in recuperation. Throughout that period and up until today, the kitten has been lavished with love and care.

FB: Duchess- The Miracle Kitty

“When I first saw Duchess, her mouth was just starting to heal and the feeding tube had just been withdrawn, and she was really emaciated…”

FB: Duchess- The Miracle Kitty

Crystal spent a lot of time with her, and when the doctors asked if she could offer her with a home, she knew she was supposed to, and she did so a few days later.

FB: Duchess- The Miracle Kitty

For both it was a very important transition.

FB: Duchess- The Miracle Kitty

One of the most satisfying things for Crystal is seeing Duchess smile.

FB: Duchess- The Miracle Kitty

Crystal stated, ”

“I’m very proud of her now that she’s grown so much… Every day, she reminds me that each day is a gift and that miracles do happen.”

FB: Duchess- The Miracle Kitty

Duchess’s jaw will stay misaligned for the rest of her life despite surgery, but it doesn’t stop her from displaying her incredible personality.

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