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Cyclist Saved A Lost Kitten By Putting It In His Shirt, And He Thanks Her With Kisses

Viitor Fonseca, a Brazilian biker, was riding his bike when he came across an orphaned cat begging for rescue. The visitor noticed that the little child was definitely alone, and that he was too tiny to defend himself, therefore he couldn’t leave him alone in this situation.

Viitor carried the cat away, but he didn’t have anywhere to put it, so he shoved it into his shirt. Surprisingly, the kitty was unconcerned.

The kitty settled down and enjoyed the 10-kilometer journey to Viitor’s residence. As they walked to obtain aid for the kitty, the small kid gave his saviour a couple kisses on the neck and chin.

On Facebook, a visitor wrote:

Today, I rescued a little life. I’m delighted he loved it and it didn’t scratch me; he just wanted to play.”

Everything was recorded in this wonderful video that has since gone viral, in which we see the thankful kitten offer kisses to his savior and Viitor while smiling.

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