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No One Wanted To Adopt These Three Blind Cats, But One Woman Made A Difference

Little Willow, Blue, and Meadow are three blind boys who, despite the fact that no one wanted to adopt them, had their lives dramatically transformed when a woman adopted them all together. These cats’ tale began before Christmas 2014, when they were discovered in Dubai.

The kittens were discovered in a deserted warehouse in Dubai. They had already lost their sight owing to a sickness for which they had not been treated. They were then placed in a foster home, and Blue was adopted by a neighbor of his prior owner.

But Blue was so distraught at being taken from his two sisters, Little Willow and Meadow, that he couldn’t handle living without them, so he spent his evenings meowing and searching for them.

So Blue returned to the foster home with them until Catherine Magno adopted them all in February 2015.

katherine commented:

“I had no prior experience and had only recently adopted my first kitty.” But their story moved me so much that I couldn’t stomach the thought of them spending the rest of their lives in a veterinary facility cage, or worse.”

Catherine was highly worried about her pets’ specific requirements.

She said:

“It would not only be difficult, but it would also need me to adjust to a variety of situations. I had to lock them in my apartment that afternoon when I brought them home.”

But it didn’t seem to be that different. They are very adaptive, so all I had to do was leave everything where it was.”

“They get along with other cats just like the ones they observe with good presentation.”

“Blind pets see through their hearts.”

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