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This Cat Has Been Sitting In The Same Place Every Day For Over A Year Waiting For His Family To Return

A devoted cat stays everyday on a manhole cover in Belgorod, Russia’s southeast, expecting that his family would return for him after vilely leaving him. Many say that this is not the case, and that he is there because he is accustomed to local citizens feeding him with food.

According to this man, the cat was abandoned when his neighbors departed. Many people witnessed the cat chasing after his family as they left the house, but they did not stop and never returned; since then, he has gone to that location every day in the hopes of seeing them again.

Mr. Zadunayskiy commented:

“This is a fantastic illustration of human depravity and pure animal devotion.”

Zadunayskiy also thanked the industry’s generous individuals for feeding and loving the cat over the years.

However, after hearing the story, many individuals on the Internet have referenced a line from Antoine de Saint-book ExupĂ©ry’s The Little Prince, which says:

“You are permanently accountable for what you have tamed.”

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