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This Dog Led Rescuers To A Box Full Of Kittens And Becomes The Perfect Foster Parent

Aragon is a rescue dog that just saved a whole litter of kittens who were abandoned on a Greek mountain. But Aragón’s bravery didn’t end there: after the kittens arrived at the shelter, he became the finest foster father they could hope for.

The people of Aragón are SCARS volunteers who help animals in need (Second Chance Animal Rescue Society). They go out every day looking for abandoned animals. They rescued almost 25 kittens in the last month alone.

They were strolling with Aragón one day when he began to bring the rescuers to a box. Aragon was hailed as a hero once the box was filled with kittens.

They arrived just in time, otherwise the kittens, like many other abandoned pets, would have been devoured by a fox or other animal.

Aragon’s mother commented:

“The kitties got lucky this time. We were strolling along the mountain with Aragon, hoping to create a movie about the high number of abandoned animals there, when Aragon began pushing us in his direction; he was practically the savior, and has been a terrific foster parent since day one.

The kittens were taken to the veterinarian for an examination, and they were found to be in excellent health. They were looked after by the workers 24 hours a day, but they had a very special furry handler, Aragon!

Aragón took on the role of adoptive father, cuddling and protecting them so that they felt safe and cherished.

It’s great to see cats and dogs get along; love knows no boundaries.

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