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This Japanese Company Pays Its Employees To Rescue And Adopt Cats

Ferray Corporation is a Tokyo-based firm that specializes in computer consulting and web page and application development, and has utilized cats to improve the working environment of its staff. Tokyo is a densely populated city where many flats are either too tiny or prohibit pets.

In addition to lengthy working hours, some residents may find it challenging to keep pets. Ferray Corporation, on the other hand, opted to provide its employees the best of both worlds. Staff workers may combine a rewarding profession with a feline friend by bringing their cats to work.

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There are now 9 furry workers that keep an eye on things in the workplace, however their misbehavior does cause some damage.

Throughout the day, the adopted cats are surrounded by desks, computers, and human company at the company offices. Workers, for their part, acknowledge that the animals have decreased stress and enhanced both the work atmosphere and the company’s production.

According to 24 hours of Rocket News:

“They tend to tread on keyboards and switch off computers, chew on LAN connections, scrape walls, rip paper, and, of course, screw up programming.” When clients arrive, the cats have a nasty tendency of climbing into their luggage and sleeping just on top of the gathering tables.”

Employees are rewarded for saving pets.
Despite their shenanigans, the Japanese company’s owners are so pleased with the cats’ adoption that they welcome their employees to adopt more and even reward them for it.

The Japanese firm wants to hire more mustache-wearing employees. The Ferray Corporation provides a monthly “cat incentive” of 5,000 yen (about $45) to employees who wish to rescue and adopt a kitty.

According to a report from Rocket News 24,

The most crucial attribute they look for in new workers, according to Ferray, is a love of cats. They do ask that they have a certain degree of talent and expertise, but they always give precedence to animal lovers.

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