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This Policeman Comforts A Lost Kitten At The Police Station And Decides To Be His New Dad

Mike Cardin, a Lakeland Police Officer in Polk County, Florida, was on his night shift when he came across a cute cat alone behind a utility pole near a busy junction on Saturday night. Cardin grabbed the kitty and rushed her to the station.

Because the cage was too small for her, the officer placed her in a cardboard box until animal control arrived, but Sergeant Brian Wallance began his shift.


Wallace decided to keep her company throughout her shift as soon as he became aware of the station’s newest occupant since he couldn’t bear leaving her alone.


The Dodo quoted Wallace as saying:

«I arrived at the station just after Cardin had rescued her and inquired about her condition. She was alone and terrified. I couldn’t keep her in that box for another 10 hours just to have animal control take her away since she hadn’t been out long after starting the shift.”


Wallace sat the cat on his lap as he worked at his computer, and while she was first wary and nervous, she eventually sat down and looked extremely comfortable with Wallace.


The police officer needed to go on patrol, but that didn’t mean he’d abandon his new acquaintance.


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