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Cat Lives In The Grave Of Her Deceased Human For A Year, She Misses Her A Lot

A cat in Central Java, Indonesia, has been grieving since the death of her human; the cat currently resides in the grave of the person she loves most in this world and has no plans to leave. Keli Keningau Prayitno, 28, a passerby, attempted to adopt her, but she returned to the same location, touching her miniature gravestone once again.

The cat, it turns out, visits her former residence every day and is fed by the deceased’s children before returning to the cemetery.

This cat refuses to leave the tomb, despite receiving food and water from passers-by, and sleeps there every night.

Keli explained that she had tracked down the cat’s prior owner and discovered that he was an elderly man.

Keli stated,

“She’s been here in the grave since the cat’s mother died. She is adamant about not returning home. She’s been here for about a year now.”

“I assumed she was homeless and attempted to assist her, but she kept returning to the same location.”

“I followed her, and she walked to the house where she used to reside, where she was fed by the woman’s children.”

“The cat would then return to the same location.” There she sleeps.”

“It’s heartbreaking to watch her there.” This demonstrates how connected animals are to their human companions.”

Cat spends a year at the grave of her deceased human.
Even a year after Kundari’s death, the cat refuses to leave the grave despite being given other homes.

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