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Girl Breaks Down In Tears When Her Mom Surprises Her With A Rescued Kitten

Marley Frost, a nine-year-old girl from Pennsylvania, cried tears of joy when she was given a new rescue cat last summer. When her mother surprised her by bringing home a cat, the small girl bursts into tears.

Marley’s mother, Nikki, captured the small child crying hysterically as she cradles her new pet, sobbing as she clutches her little body in a video.

The Frost family already had two dogs, two cats, and a guinea pig, so they weren’t searching for a new kitten. However, Nikki noticed the small one and decided to surprise Marley since he resembled Simon, a cat she adored.

“Simon, our senior black cat, had died the previous year, and she had been requesting a kitten ever since. Marley is passionate about animals. She usually puts all of his money in the contribution buckets at the pet store.”

Marley returned home from school and walked straight to her room, accompanied by her mother, who was filming her. She heard a meowing sound coming from a basket and walked over to find a rescue kitten inside after opening the door.

The youngster cried as she hugged the black kitten, who was eventually called Ella, from the basket.

She was rescued as a kitten. Her mother is believed to have died, therefore the kitten had to be bottle-fed. She was discovered beneath the porch of a friend of Nikki’s.

Nikki stated,

“I had no intention of bringing another cat into my house, but…”

“Are we allowed to keep it?” Marley inquired as he sobbed. Marley continued to cry when Nikki said yes, saying, “Thank you mum, thank you.”

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