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They Discovered “The Secret Life” That Their Deceased Cat Had Thanks To A Note From An Unknown Person

The death of a pet is never easy; they become a part of our family and provide us joy; when they are no longer with us, they leave a huge vacuum, as was the case for a couple in the United Kingdom who lost their beloved Bear unexpectedly. They got a postcard from a stranger a few days later, explaining her cat’s astonishing secret life.

¬ęDear owner, I am her 4th-floor neighbor. Her cats are also good friends of mine because they used to visit my room every day. However, the largest of them has been gone for two weeks. It’s okay? I’m concerned about him.”

bear and teddy

Bear’s human father, Scott Ewels, said:

“We wrote to number 4 and informed them that our other cat had died.” Our email address is also included.

bear and teddy

Thanks to a message, they learn about their deceased cat’s secret life.
He and his girlfriend got an email the day after mailing the letter, informing them that their cat’s companion was a Taiwanese exchange student.

bear and teddy

With him, she practiced her college presentations:

Scott stated,

“She would listen to her from her bed… She doesn’t have anybody else with whom she may practice. She even shared some images she had shot of my children (the cats), which made my heart skip a beat.”

bear and teddy

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